Mass Effect Trilogy OST Animations

Art Direction | Animation | Compositing | Backgrounds

A set of 3 bespoke animation loops created to go with the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy Original Soundtrack as part of the lead up to the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


Art Direction, illustration and animation

Kamille Areopagita


FX, prop, and interfaces animation, editing

Kevin Areopagita



Jay Ingram & Andrew Johnson (EA, Bioware)

The first animation is of Liara, a researcher, working at her desk in the Normandy. 


With partial inspiration from the Lofi Girl, this composition features a chill work setting, interfaces referencing the in-game environment, and the appearance of the info drone Glyph.

initial thumbnail proposal drafts

The second animation is of Garrus calibrating at his console with Tali, a moment of two friends sharing a quiet moment dotted with some chatting and friendly banter here and there.

initial thumbnail proposal drafts

The third and final animation is of the Reapers descending on Earth, taking inspiration from the Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Cinematic Trailer to depict an ominous scene amidst an otherwise joyful, vibrant setting.

initial thumbnail proposal drafts