Kamille Areopagita (Kami) is an illustrator, director, and animator based in the Philippines. She loves unicorns, cheerful puppies, and finding the vibrance in the common and ‘average’. 


She has experience in storyboard and animation for adult, YA, kid’s media, and TTRPGs, with a focus on character-driven acting and action. Some notable clients include: Netflix, Powerhouse Animation, Toei Animation, Critical Role, and Red Dog Culture House, among others.


In addition to her work in animation, Kami is currently working on original animated films and comics.


Work Experience

Storyboard, 2D Animation

Castlevania: Nocturne (Netflix, Powerhouse Animation)


Direction, Art Direction, Storyboard, Animation, Compositing

Bells Hells Animated Opening Titles (Critical Role)

Mighty Nein Animated Opening Titles (Critical Role)

Mighty Vibes vol. 1-4, vol. 6 (Critical Role)

D&D Beyond Official Theme (D&D Beyond)


Design, Illustration, Animation

The Fablemaker’s Animated Tarot (Hit Point Press)

The Deck of Many Animated Things (Hit Point Press)

Nesting neko Animation (Clip Studio Paint)


Layout, Key Animation

One Piece (Toei Animation) – ep #988, #1004, #1017, #1026, #1038, #1072


Heaven Official’s Blessing (Red Dog Culture House, Bilibili)

Season 1 – ep #1, #11

Season 2 – PV animation, ep #1,  #9, #11


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Science Saru) – ep #3


Frieren:  Beyond Journey’s End (Madhouse) – ep #20


Ranking of Kings (WIT Studio) – ep #13, #17


Ranking of Kings: Treasure Chest of Courage (WIT Studio) – ep #2, #5, #8


Dragon Age: Absolution (Red Dog Culture House, Netflix) – ep #2, #3, #6


Mob Psycho 100 III (Bones Inc) – ep #10


Chiikawa (DOGA KOBO) – ep#54, #85


Castlevania Season 4 (Powerhouse Animation, Netflix) – ep #9