Bells Hells Opening Title

Direction | Art Direction | Storyboard | Animation | Character Design | Compositing | Backgrounds

An animated opening sequence created for Critical Role, an American actual play web series featuring a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons.


The opening is centered around their Campaign 3 adventuring party Bells Hells, animated to the Critical Role Theme ‘It’s Thursday Night’.


Kamille Areopagita (director, animation, backgrounds, compositing)

Kevin Areopagita (co-director, animation, editing, compositing)

Mark Adams (3D Lead)

Peggy Shi (backgrounds)



Production: Critical Role

Maxwell James, Tal Levitas, Marisha Ray, 

Steve Fallows, Vinnie Singh

As the lead on this project, I was in charge of storyboards, art direction, and animation style and design, working closely with the producers for the overall content of the animation; with our 3D Lead Mark Adams in designing 3D background sets and props; with Peggy Shi on background layouts and paint; and with co-director and animator Kevin Areopagita on effects animation design, prop and creature designs, and final compositing. 

The opening is built on the themes of trauma and found family that weave the tapestry of this ragtag group of adventurers together, displaying individual strengths, quirks, and tragedy while making sure that they’re never alone for too long – always at their strongest together.

character designs

With existing character concept art, pre-production entailed creating character designs suitable for animation while also retaining core character elements and overall themes.